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Mia Love

LBRE Black Advisory Committee Member Spotlight

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On August 1, 2021, Mia Love celebrated 22 years of full-time employment with Stanford University. Spending her first three years in a combination of contract and fixed-term roles, Mia has enjoyed more than two decades as a facilities professional in higher education and health care. Mia has mastered a fan base as it relates to the Big Game rivalry, having had the opportunity to study at UC Berkeley and Stanford University. Either way, she is able to celebrate the Axe.

Early Years

Prior to coming to Stanford University, Mia provided engineering support for Hewlett Packard. Her first 16 years at Stanford were spent managing the day-to-day supervision of custodial and maintenance operations in Residential and Dining Enterprises (R&DE) facilities spaces. During this time, she also volunteered as a Home Previewer for Rebuilding Together Peninsula for 14 years. She then went on to spend the next five years at Stanford Health Care's Facilities Services and Planning group, responsible for various new construction, tenant improvements and transition strategy roles.

Mia joined Land Buildings and Real Estate in 2017. She is currently Associate Director of Engineering Trades in the MEP Shop. The Building Engineering Trades (boasting an amazing combined 700+ years of experience) represent an integral part of maintaining and improving the core systems of the architectural structures on campus, by providing a range of mechanical, electrical and plumbing services to academic, research, library and special University facilities.

Mia and R&DE facilities team
R&DE facilities team.


Mia and maintenance team
Retake of a photograph taken 10 years prior with members of the R&DE maintenance team. While some of the members of this team have retired or transitioned life, this photo represents over 200 years of combined experience at Stanford.


Career Highlights

Mia has enjoyed being a part of many facets of campus transformation. Highlights include; renovations in large monolithic residence halls, construction of the Women’s Cancer Center, employer-based clinics at Qualcomm, Cisco and Yahoo, and most recently joining the delivery team for the illustrious District Work Centers.

Mia and team at the Qualcomm commemoration
Commemorating the opening of Qualcomm employer-based clinic in San Diego, CA.


The Qualcomm Clinic was the first in a series of employer-based clinics. The initial tenant improvement encompassed months of planning, resulting in a continuous 96-hour effort involving demo of existing Furniture Fixtures & Equipment (“FF&E”), and installation of new FF&E (paint, carpet, medical equipment, biomedical devices, and information technology) in line with Stanford Health Care standard. These efforts resulted in multiple employer-based clinics and residential locations throughout the Stanford Health Care portfolio.

Work with Affinity Groups and Community Engagement

Mia enjoys her roles in the space as a diversity educator. She is President of LBRE’s Black Advisory Committee, and Associate Chair of Stanford’s Black Staff Alliance, one of the eight officially recognized affinity groups on campus. In her roles championing diversity, equity and inclusion efforts for Black staff at Stanford, she wears many hats and serves in a multitude of functions, such as; liaison with stakeholders and decision makers, community building, networking, collaboration, educating, advocacy, and building social capital.

Mia is Vice Chair of BayAPPA (Association of Physical Plant Administrators), and has facilitated development opportunities within professional associations in the United States, UK, Caribbean, and Asia. Social Justice or lack thereof has also been a life-long passion for her. She has had the opportunity to work on the Stanford Three Strikes project, inside the walls of San Quentin Correctional Facility.

Life Outside The Farm

One of Mia’s proudest accomplishments is her work in the space of empowerment and financial literacy coach, and as a holistic practitioner, in which she provides resources and services for healing and economic enlightenment. During her own introspective journey, Mia realized that a holistic approach to complex issues provides a renewed lens. She is the Chief Energy Officer & Holistic Mindset Practitioner of Real Freedom With Love. Her practice merges experiences in hospitality, facilities, financial literacy, and reiki with pranayama, alchemy and crystal healing modalities.

Exemplified in her intensive trainings, she shares her passion for educating, healing, and teaching others, and hosts workshops for various organizations, businesses, and events. She has been featured in numerous health, wellness and finance media publications, including podcasts, magazine articles, and videotaped interviews.

Mia brings her warmth and wit to every engagement, as she believes that healing reduces people’s resistance to change and growth. She counts it a privilege to watch others experience a sense of freedom and confidence in their ability to not only make a difference but make time for what matters most.

BNC Broadcast Media financial wellness interview with Mia Love.