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Welcome to the Stanford LBRE Black Advisory Committee!

The Stanford LBRE Black Advisory Committee (“LBRE BAC”) is comprised of committed African American employees of the Land Buildings and Real Estate Department and their allies at Stanford University.  Given the present climate of race relations in America, the BAC felt that it was vital to become better diversity, equity, and inclusion ("DEI") advocates. 

This site will provide useful information about the BAC's mission, vision, values, and resources to support LBRE's goal for DE&I and belonging.

Main Quad, palm trees, Hoover Tower


The Stanford LBRE Black Advisory Committee (“LBRE BAC”) is composed of Black staff for the purpose of fostering healthy and nurturing relationships and creating meaningful checks and balances on matters involving diversity, equity, and inclusion in the department as it aligns with the greater University mission.


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An ongoing effort to improve the education, mentorship, training, hiring, contracting, promotion, and overall leveling of the playing field for Black employees in LBRE. As caretakers of the legacy, to assist in the development and implementation of measured accountability within LBRE and University leadership to demonstrate metrics to benchmark progress.

Main Quad, palm trees, Hoover Tower


Accountability, Action, Advocacy, Authenticity, Collaboration, Communication, Community, Education, Equity, Integrity, Respect, Safety, Transparency, and Trustworthy.



photo collage of Kalama Harris and other historic black women
Read about these extraordinary women

28 Black Female Firsts: An extraordinary woman for each day of Black History Month.

A list of pioneers, teachers, overachievers, and glass ceiling breakers.

Michael Hines, assistant professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, teaches courses on the history of education, and specifically the history of African American education, in the United States. In this video, Hines talks about the beginnings and evolution of Black History Month.

BAC Advisor

Kevin Hutcherson

Click below to read about our Member Spotlight for Winter 2023. 

Link to Documentary

This documentary captures Betty Soskin's fascinating life -- from the experiences of a young Black woman in a WWII segregated union hall, through her multi-faceted career as a singer, activist, mother, legislative representative, and park planner to her present public role.  At age 100, she is the oldest National Park Ranger serving the United States. (Stanford login and two-step authentication required to access the documentary)

Click here to submit your questions from the documentary for the live Q&A session at a date TBD! 

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Amanda Gorman’s (@amandascgorman) new poem “New Day’s Lyric”

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